2nd International Specialized Exhibition
InterAgroBusiness 2010

September 23 - 25 in Odessa, Ukraine


Press release of InterAgroBusiness 2009


The 1st International Specialized Exhibition "InterAgroBusiness" took place in Odessa from October 15 till October 17, 2009.

This first agricultural exhibition in the Black Sea region of Ukraine was supported by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine,
the Odessa Regional State Administration, the Agrarian Chamber of Ukraine, the Organic Federation of Ukraine, and the Association
of Ukrainian Farmers "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club".

The InterAgroBusiness 2009 was opened by Nikolay Kiseolar, Deputy Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration, Emzar Dzirkvadze, Minister of Agriculture of the Adzharsky Autonomous Republic of Georgia, Dr. Volker Sasse, First Secretary of the German Embassy in Ukraine, and Eugene Milovanov, Chairman of the Board of the Organic Federation of Ukraine.

84 exhibitors from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Germany, Italy, and Turkey as well as representatives of companies from other countries presented agricultural machinery and equipment, accessories, seeds and seedlings, greenhouses, fertilizers and other agrochemical products, farming equipment, feeds and additives for animal industries and poultry farming, veterinary preparations,
and organic food and products at the show.

The International Conference "Agrarian Sector of the South of Ukraine: Time for Investments" became one of the important business events of the InterAgroBusiness 2009. This conference was supported by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of Germany (BMELV) and organized by the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club", German-Ukrainian Policy Dialogue in Agriculture (BMELV), Ukrainian Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, and the Regional Fund for Support
of Entrepreneurship in the Odessa Oblast. Conference program

Within the frames of InterAgroBusiness, the seminar "Organic production as an alternative way for the Agro-Industrial Complex
of Ukraine to exit out of the economic crisis"
was organized by the Organic Federation of Ukraine. Leading Ukrainian and international experts discussed perspectives of organic production in Odessa region, its technological features, procedures of organic inspection and certification, possibilities of effective sale of organic products in Ukraine and on the foreign markets.

Odessa region is located in the far Southwest of Ukraine and borders on the Ukrainian regions of Vinnytsia, Kirovograd, and Nikolaev, as well as on the borders of Moldova, Romania and the Black Sea.

Odessa Oblast is the largest region of Ukraine with a total area of 33,300 square km. While this is approximately the size of Belgium or the Netherlands, the Odessa region covers not more than 5.5% of Ukraine's total territory. The capital city of the region is Odessa, one of the largest cities in Ukraine.

Presentation of Odessa region

Agriculture is the second leading sector in the region in terms of volume of production and employment. It provides jobs for 45%
of total population and it creates almost 50% of regional budget. About 70% of the total area of Odessa region is agricultural land. Natural conditions are favourable for growing winter wheat, maize (corn), barley, millet, sunflower, fruits, vegetables, grapes and sugar beats. More than 1,000 enterprises and more than 7,000 private farmers are working in this sector. The main branches of agricultural production in the Odessa region are plant-production (grain, sunflowers, fruit-, vegetable-, and wine-growing) and livestock breeding (cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry).

More than 3,000 heads and specialists of agricultural enterprises, farmers, livestock breeders, representatives of agro-processing enterprises, as well as domestic and foreign traders visited InterAgroBusiness 2009 in Odessa. All exhibitors were satisfied or highly satisfied with their participation in the fair, the quality of the trade visitors and established contacts.

Be welcome to take part in the 2nd International Exhibition InterAgroBusiness 2010!


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